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Las Vegas

» Real NameRyan Jaunzemis
» Age40
» Comments3
» Forum Posts23
» Member SinceOct 18, 2013
» Last LoginNov 3, 2015
» Web Sitehttps://www.SoapShoesSecretTipsAndTricks.com
» ProfileHey guys Ryan here, aka Ryan Jay. :) I was a member of the original Soap Team in 1997-1999, have appeared in numerous Soap Shoe videos, commercials, including Relate Video Productions' famous full-length Soap videos "One" & "Two" and the indy film sliver screen hit "LORDS OF SOAPTOWN", as well as several hundred other various news releases, publications, websites, interviews, YouTube videos (Now combining over 1M views), was a member of the 1998-99 US Soap Tour, and am also the author of "SOAP SHOES -- Secret Tips & Tricks", "THE NEW SOAP SHOES TRICKTIONARY (Version 2.0)", & "PRO SOAPER." "Legendary" -VICE Media "One of the Biggest Soap Shoe Pros on Earth." -The RIDE Channel "Soap Shoe Pro Rider, Ryan Jaunzemis, is spilling the Soap scene's secrets." -Complex Sneakers Magazine "Best Soaper In the World." -www.SoapShoe.com "Ryan is the Greatest Soaper in the Modern Era." -Relate Video Productions For more pics, videos, updates, tour dates, etc make sure to visit my Official Facebook Soap Shoes Page & Fan Site at www.facebook.com/ryanjaunzemissoapshoepage?ref=hl Or you can reach me on my personal Facebook at: www.Facebook.com/RyanJaunzemis YouTube.com/TheRyanJayShow Instagram: @Jaunzemis Twitter: @RyanJaunzemis Skype: @Jaunzemis2013 Snapchat: @Jaunzemis Popular hashtags: #JAUNZEMIS #SOAPSHOES #SOAPLIFE #SOAP4LIFE #SOAPITUP #SOAPORDIE #SOAPINGCOMMUNITY #PROSOAPER #SOAPSHOESMEME #FIREONMYFEET #SOLIDGRIND #SOAPSHOESBOOK #SOAPSHOESSECRETTIPSANDTRICKS #SONICTHEHEDGEHOG #SONICADVENTURE2 #SONICSOAPSHOES #ROLLINGAROUNDATTHESPEEDOFSOUND #BRINGBACKSOAPSHOES #90s #90sLEGENDS Hope to hear from you soon. :)

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