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Alexei Tajzler states...
Jul 17, 2001 by alexei

Most of you have grown accustom to my long and thoughtful defenses when it comes to agruements on this site. Given the recent heated battle concerning shutting down brooksfsw.com, I'd thought I'd read up on everyone's views before I declared my standpoint, and it is as follows... Most of the the time I'm out of the spotlight when it comes to this site, Derek often gets all the glory and credit for things I do (i.e. news, answers, reviews, tutorials, etc..) but I'm not too bothered by it, the site IS brooksfsw.com and Derek did start it off. I love being on staff here and being able to do all the things I can do. I simply started off as a unknown guy in Delaware, who had never skated or boarded before, and by luck of a joke I submitted on the old soapshoe.com, got on staff with Greg and Viv and in turn brooksfsw.com. Now, my videos and crew are internationally known, I'm sponsored by Soap and having a ball at the same time. However, it seems I got somewhat lucky, for now Derek is recieving all this heat, which frankly is complete bullshit. Most of you guys out there don't realize is Derek and I work full-time. Full-time. I leave my house at 8:15 am and don't get back until 5:15 pm, 5 days a week. Derek has a similar time schedule. To put in simpler terms, we AREN'T sitting at the computer all day bored and nothing better to do but check this page every 5 minutes like you are. We've also been having server space problems which is why there hasn't been any new pics or vids (psss..media takes up space, lots of it). Now, I'm not going to put out excuses to get out of this, Just remember Derek and I do this site in our spare time, for fun. Think what Soaping would be like without brooksfsw.com for a second. Perhaps Derek "didn't feel like" starting up this site, offering shoe info, official Soap news, forums, questions, debates, tutorials, reviews, videos, and pics. Maybe the great, and I mean fucking great soapers, Dave and Sam, 703, Mikro and co., etc wouldn't have gotten so much attention. I admire all of you and am extremely glad I'm able to conversate and watch your videos. Perhaps you'd still be wondering why the Broadsides are discontinued or why the QuickDraws were never released. I'm not trying to build my ego or Derek's, just think. With all the other soap sites down, this kind of situation could leave FSW "dead" as some of the more pesimistic guys constantly chime in. FSW isn't dying, but it will decay if you keep that kind of shitty attitude. My point is there is no reason to scream at Derek (or me.) because OTHER people aren't making new videos or the Soap van tour didn't go as planned. Just because you know your way around Soaping doesn't entitle you to some sort of throne over newbie Soapers looking for advice. I'll keep posting new questions as long as they're relavent and haven't been asked before. We're all soapers, Derek and I are just the guys who put you on top of the soapbox (no pun intended) and let you get some fame or state your mind. We have no obligations on terms of brooksfsw.com, but you all treat us as if we do. If you don't like brooksfsw.com, then you don't have to visit. Start your own soap site for god's sake, don't slam ours. Even if Derek decides to call it quits, I'd still be interested in running it bymyself - but I want brooksfsw.com to stay, i want the soaping community to stay alive. There is too few soapers out there for this community to be lost, the people who pushed Derek to this should remember not only are they hurting the community, but Derek as well. (and me.)
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