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Jun 21, 2005 by Louis

I just recieved an email from a guy called David who runs a website called www.FlyWalk.co.uk
He wants willing people to send him any soapshoe or heelys video footage that he can compile and add to a CD/DVD, which will be sent to his customers when they order. Its your chance for some recognition.....i guess.....

Anyway, he also has pretty good prices for shoes if you're a UK/European customer....as in no one who surfs this site....

Jul 16, 2005 Luke

Im from the UK.....GO ME!

Jul 18, 2005 lineskier

yo louis what is davids email could you reply or email me @ neo_the_plumber@yahoo.com

Jul 31, 2005 sowney

Yeah I placed an order there about a week and a half ago. I'm still waiting for my shoes though.

Aug 1, 2005 sowney

well they arrived this morning. pure white scabs, ba da ba ba ba.
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