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Ja jit na prochazku, velmi velke prochazka
Jul 20, 2001 by alexei

Na Shledanou �Myldo� pritel, videt spren sesty! What is all this crazy speak? Well, its actually Czech. Tommorrow (July 19th) I'm leaving for the Tajzler homeland (In case any of you were wondering what kind of name it was), and won't be getting back until the first week of August. In addition to the Czech Republic, I'll also be in Germany and Luxemborg. I'll be sure to check out some Euro Soap spots while I'm there, and I'm bringing my camera...so you never know. Imagine me getting yelled at by Security Guards in various languages I can't understand! Derek should be able to hold the fort well on his own, we're upgrading to Nuke PHP 5 and new server, so look for new options and deffinately new pics of the day. "Shut up and Grind" (aka Team Tajzler 3) will be out mid-August before I get to college - a lot of people have been asking me about it so I'd thought it get it out into the open. So you've got both "tWo" and that to look forward too! Life is good. As I said before, Na Shledanou �Myldo� pritel, videt spren sesty! (roughly meaning: Later on "Soap" dudes, see you all August 6th!)
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Tal Zeltzer hittin a Grinding a tall handrail
Bart Johnson hittin a Frontside outside of the Moline pool
Chris Komsthoeft hittin a Frontside
Sean Fillenwarth hittin a Frontside
Louis hittin a Frontside