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Soap T-bone
May 4, 2004 by derek

Have you bought the T-bones and been dissapointed with the quality? If so, it's due to a production issue from the factory. It turns out that the adhesion was below HS-LTD's specifications.

So if your view on Soap's quality has gone down, then keep in mind that the factory made good on the poor quality with a full refund for the low-quality models from the first production.

I'm sure you've heard people say "Soap shoes have gone cheap." But I assure you that it definitely hasn't. I got a message from the CEO of HS-LTD today stating, "That [Soap going Cheap] of course is not the case and we continue to specify the best possible materials and the highest possible adherence standards."

So if you have one of the older pairs of T-Bones that has ripped or came apart in any way, I would urge you to either buy some superglue (that's what I did - so as to not waste any money from Soap) or contact them.

Also, if you know anyone who is talking about Soap's quality, I would hope that you will set them straight. You all know that Soap makes great/super high quality shoes. I've seen videos (i.e. Clinic in a Can) that go through the construction of Soap Shoes in detail... and I was seriously impressed with it. If the general public begins to believe that Soap makes a poor product, the shoes have a very good chance dying. The A-sides are still on hold due to this perception from retailers. So please do all that you can to keep the product alive.

May 4, 2004 Collin

The bottoms of my t-bones came detached from the shoes, and it made a clicking sound when i walked, but i gave them away, and my groves souls came detached and the plates are cracking.

May 5, 2004 GregCumberford

That's all and well, but you know what would really impress me? If HSL offered a refund or fix of the affected shoes.

Think about it. Car companies offer fixes when the company has messed up, electronic companies do the same. It's not the customer's fault that the manufacturer HSL choose did not build to spec.

For those of you who did purchase these shoes, I would recommend asking HSL on an individual basis about getting the shoes fixed or replaced. Regardless if it's the manufacturer, HSL is ultimately responsible for their product. Yes, the manufacturer made the error, however it's HSL's job and not the customer's to reclaim those costs. If they don't do anything, that's the equivalent of taking your money and selling you a bum product.

Seeing that HSL has admitted that materials were not up to grade, I don't see why they shouldn't compensate the customer for the inconvenience. When I was involved in the Soap circles, I always felt that the kids buying the shoes needs to be looked out for, and I hope the new management feels the same way.

Just my two cents. It would really impress me if HSL would fix or replace the bad shoes. Feel free to reply/bash/agree.

May 5, 2004 Phantom00991

Yeah, I think that if HSL admitted to the problem consumers should be entitled to some sort of refund. I know my t-bones became quicky absolutly unwearable. Others I know have t's and they are doing the same thing.

May 5, 2004 Mart


May 5, 2004 Mart

...Derek, why have you disabled almost every single html tag under the sun on this thing?

May 6, 2004 derek

because of punks like you. haha.

May 6, 2004 Mart

What harm can the strike tag do?! Bastaaaaaaaaard!

May 6, 2004 Collin

If always had wear problems with my shoes my t-bones sole came detached from the shoe and my grooves do the same thing.

Jan 3, 2008 AnthoFlex

YES! I finally found this post again.

I wanted to put my 2 cents into what i think of this. Along with the better adhesion, HSL should've made the half-sole plate 2-part.

Theres absolutely no flex in it

Jan 3, 2008 RamenRadio

T-bones are ok, but I try to use my Mr. Wilsons more.
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