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Torque, Suislide, Pudslide, can you do them?
Apr 3, 2007 by SapAuthor

Alright, we are making video tutorial for allt he tricks, but we need someone to do the torque, suislide, and pudslide, and send in video for the tutorial. If you can email me at trevorfayas@sonicandpals.com if u can do it, u'll be a part of the official soapshoes.com, and be a part of the video tutorial probably for life. Who wants the fame, only if you can pull off the moves.


Apr 3, 2007AnthoFlex

and if ur on SSS, they count towards your point total

Apr 3, 2007kobansora

Dude htat's intenseeeee


Apr 3, 2007sam

Dude, I can make a suislide, and if you still need it a christ grind tutorial.

Apr 3, 2007AnthoFlex

Dude, WE are making the tutorial, lol

We just need a close up clip of those 3 tricks. Since we cant do them.

Every other trick was taken care of me, my good friend Trev, and my good friend Slidey

Apr 3, 2007Slidey

Yes your good friend Slidey hu tried a torque but it wasn't good enough -.-'

I may try the others but I probs mont be able 2 do them lol. Not unless I have a few hours of practice

Apr 3, 2007AnthoFlex

The torque u did was great, its just that it looked like u locked up when coming off, it looked like u were gonna fall, so we left it out

Apr 3, 2007Slidey

Ahh right, did I send you both of them, because one of them I stopped near the end of the rail and one I just went right past it (but I didn't hold the grind as long)

Apr 4, 2007Tank

so have you guys got the tricks or can everyone try them or have you already selected a few certain people.

Apr 5, 2007matrix8967

so, i'm working on a suislide...when i get it, i'll do it for you, what shoes should i wear? preferrably one we have in common so it's not like u guys wearing broadsides and then it's just like the video is like *BAM* black cleans


Apr 19, 2007Tasslehoff

if this is still open ill try them once i get my soaps

Apr 19, 2007AnthoFlex

nah dudes, we already took care of it.

Slidey man took care of it and he racked up sum serious points on SSS

Apr 19, 2007DarkVermillion

That sucks, I can do all those, but I don't have a camera, my unities are a bit sketchy.

Apr 19, 2007mgm

It does not matter. There isn't going to be a new soapshoes.com.

Apr 20, 2007rhinoskater30

my unities too, on the video it says put ur back foot first, i put my front on first, id really like to see the vids of the other tricks cuz i think im doin em wrong

Apr 21, 2007Slidey

you cant put it either way, but back foot first is easier and smoother

Apr 21, 2007SonicSoaper

For some reason I can never watch Slidey's pudslide. I'll try later today.

Apr 21, 2007AnthoFlex

We havent put those 3 tricks in yet. And YES Trev, imma work on them...

Apr 21, 2007rhinoskater30

slidey... i have tried it but for some reason my body just wants to do it the other way

Apr 21, 2007Slidey

Then FORCE it to do it the other way, just like you have to FORCE your left foot to go first before your grinds become solid on hip hieght rails.

It may take a while to learn, but it will help in the long-run
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