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Need some help deciding which shoe to get.
Jun 4, 2007 by darkroflcopter

Hey guys, I decided to get back into Heelys after about three years. When I grew out of my last pair of Heelys in about 6th grade, my mom kept making excuses not to buy me anymore. So I've just been wearing Vans since then. Now I need new shoes again, and I'm making her get me what I want this time =). To hell with the bans and all the stupid bigshot suits saying that they're a public menace. I've been sitting at my laptop staring at all the shoes on this site, reading pages of comments; and I've already looked through most of the shoe pages. But I can't find any consensus about what shoe is the best. I have read a lot of people posting that Heelys suck, and that Soaps are far superior. It seems like you're saying that Heelys have grinding plates more as an afterthought. I really like rolling around really fast down hallways and parking lots, so that's why I'm reluctant to buy Soaps. However, I am going to be grinding a lot as well. I need a shoe that I can wear for a long time, with ventilation and hopefully a lightweight build. Basically, I think most people think either the Evolution or Torch shoe is the best. I am inclined to believe the Evolution is better since it is a supposedly improved upon update to the Torch. But I don't know, I haven't had Heelys since those gray and blue ones. Is there a Heely that can deliver the grinding performance of a Soap?

Jun 4, 2007SapAuthor

Heelys took the Express plate and used it on their shoes, so it's the same grindplate. You are going to be replacing the ability to "heel" around with comfert, as SOAPs are by far much more comfertable (mainly due to not needing to have hard rubber to house the wheel). I can't say much for which since i don't support Heeling, i would check out the comments for each shoe though.

Jun 4, 2007Surfaced

Ok ok ok whatever, the kid wants Heelys with grindplates so we'll just have to respect that.

I and anyone else with brains would recommend the Heelys Evolution. It's their best hybrid shoe to date. But that shoe is no longer in production, so you'd have to get it over the internet (of if you're a lucky guy, you might find a pair on clearance somewhere).

Otherwise the next best choice for both grinding and heeling is the Torch. Yes, unfortunately thats the next best thing... sorry. Its not our fault.

Jun 5, 2007RamenRadio

Yeah, but the torches are ugly (at least I think). I don't think many heelys have made good looking shoes. The evolution was pretty much the best they could do, and it's gone now. But I seriously don't like the way the torches look, they look like an ugly looking shoe. If you really want a pair of heelys, I'd go through the trouble of looking for the evolution.

Jun 5, 2007Go2Crew

Hey David. I think they have also scrapped the Torch too. Haven't both the Evolution and the Torch been replaced by the "Grind This" in the new style offerings? Derek needs to added the "Grind This" to the shoes list. Imho it looks like a cross between their Axis skateboard shoe that later became a Heelys style front-end, with a back-end Heelys cyclone H, placed like a copy of the Soap O on a Goa. Oh, btw I check the Whiteout this past weekend and it is a production(sales)sample(black mid-sole), not a white mid-sole prototype. Later ---Steve

Jun 5, 2007Surfaced

Oh, I didn't know the Grind This was out. Wow, seeing it now... they finally decided to modify the Express so that it is less like those used on Soaps. Damn, that thing looks like a skate shoe...ugh.

Jun 5, 2007SonicSoaper

The Grind This to me looks like a really bad Nike knock-off.

Jun 5, 2007cherryman696966

it also looks liek there screws in the plate to take it off. anyone know if u can?

Jun 5, 2007RamenRadio

It's a poor excuse for a shoe. Could the smack anymore logos on that shoe? i think not! I hate it' it's so stupid

Jun 5, 2007AnthoFlex

No, you cant take it off

Jun 5, 2007JeiHeirumaru

Hey,I wanna see the "Grind This" shoe!. Where can I find it?

Jun 5, 2007Megashadow77

The Heelys site....
Man, I though the Grind This shoe was at least going to have a different plate or something.....
"Johnson! We need a new Grind Shoe!"
"Why not make a new SOAP model, sir?"
"Soap? No way! Slap a grind plate on a Heely then have the monkies spray paint it!"
"Uhhh....yes sir....dumbass......"

Jun 5, 2007AnthoFlex

The Grind This shoe has a modified Express plate. The only major difference is that there is a Heelys logo, not a Soap O

Jun 5, 2007AnthoFlex

I think the "Grind This" looks like shit

Jun 5, 2007Megashadow77

Same here.

Jun 6, 2007sam

The grind this shoe is an exact copy of a pair of vans i have, only with the cyclone H on the end.

Jun 6, 2007RamenRadio

Seriously, could the put any more logos on that stupid ass shoe?
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