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Why did anyone tell me. D:
Jun 27, 2007 by DarkVermillion

I didn't know all you had to do was e-mail Heelys and they'll send you free screws and a soap key, that's awsome, I got some on the way. They're out of my size grind plates. D:

Jun 27, 2007Megashadow77

That's what you get when you're not on SolidGrind for weeks.

Jun 27, 2007Megashadow77

They're out of pretty much every size, now.

Jun 27, 2007SpiderSoaper

i'm not sure if anyone besides me had mentioned that, but after i said that, everyone started e-mailing them, and i think theyre lying about the last pair bullshit

Jun 27, 2007RamenRadio

That's why they shouldn't go all Blitzkrieg on soap shoes. Poor poor soap shoes. RELEASE SOAP SHOES FROM YOUR ROTTON PRISON HSL!

Jun 27, 2007Megashadow77

Yeah! Hsl sucks ass!

Jun 27, 2007SpiderSoaper

i emailed them on the 15th, and on the 18th i got them in size nine, anyone got them free in that same size after those dates? cause if u did the last pair line, is just a lie

Jun 27, 2007RamenRadio

You gotta keep updated dude. You can't wait a month to look for a pair of soap shoes on ebay. You have to check it every now and then lol

Jun 27, 2007ordnanceflint91

i have 4 packs of screws and 2 keys on the way now....i emailed hsl last night and the Janice person replied to me saying that the packs were mailed today....i really needed some new screws lol

Jun 27, 2007matrix8967

hey wait, what??? fill me in please?

Jun 28, 2007MusicSoaper

You can get free plates if you e-mail Heelys. I did it like a few days ago and it arrived today and they were UHFs.....T-T. I had wished that they were something else, but beggars can't be choosers. But i'm satisfied. That means that i don't have to use the plates off of my other pair of cleans now.

Jun 28, 2007matrix8967

what's the email i need to email to...not really lookin for plates, just screws and keys...

Jun 28, 2007RamenRadio

Keep updated man, keep updated. Alex here couldn't post, but he still read threads and kept updated.

Jun 28, 2007Surfaced

Every email I've sent HSL in the past few months has recieved no response...

Jun 28, 2007matrix8967

yeah, i gave up for a while. i suppose i'll get what i deserve. i have some screws, but i'd like to have some back-ups...@_@

Jun 29, 2007ordnanceflint91

got my 4 packs of screws today...i think i am gonna die lol. the keys they sent me are the soap rocket keys hell yeah....they sent 2 of them. now i happy lol HSL isnt as bad as everyone says they are.

Jun 30, 2007matrix8967

they've sent me free stuff before, but i thought that was because i was going to buy it. then they just shipped it to me for free...i didn't ask questions because i didn't want them to be like "oh, oops, that'll be 36 bucks..."
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