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as a begginer what soap shoes should i get and were to get them from
Jul 4, 2004 by raz

as a begginer wat soap shoes should i get and were to get them from

Jul 4, 2004raz

im in england the uk

Jul 4, 2004GreenBeret

what a queer question. its not like ur buying a pair of skates here.

Jul 4, 2004Mart

A pair of soaps is a pair of soaps. Especially with the new models, there's no difference whatsoever between one style and another besides the aesthetics

Jul 5, 2004Curtinator

Get Scab but don't order from the UPS I HATE THEM I orderd a pair of scabs and they didn't come.

Jul 5, 2004Curtinator

Try Inlinewarehouse I orderd a pair of Express shoes. And so yeah they came.

Jul 5, 2004dunk

If you're from the UK give Shiner Extreme Sports a call 0117 955 6035 and ask for your nearest Soap shoe stockist.

Jul 5, 2004raz

thanks guys i allso blade
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