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Plate prices?
Apr 15, 2008 by Joshua3109

hey guys, what would a reasonable price be for two sets of used BBk plates, a maxwell plate, Slow Bro plate and the screws and keys? They are all used and I want a estimate of what it'd be worth ASAP

Apr 15, 2008AnthoFlex

what is the dude asking for?

Apr 15, 2008Joshua3109

The deal is for a pair of Gray Ordnances that are colored with permanent marker and those plates for 85 $$$. I want they plates but not the shoes because well they don't really roll with my style ya know haha

Apr 15, 2008Joshua3109

So I need a p[rice to offer him and I dont want to offer too high

Apr 15, 2008Joshua3109

Dudes? can somebody help me out? please
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