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Advice needed on first Soap
Nov 28, 2008 by snix


I'm planning to order my first pair of soap for christmas.
I have to choose between Chaos, T-bone, Express, and Goa model. The T-bone grind plate turns me off quite a lot (must look weird from behind), while the Goa is quite ugly BUT has removable plate, which is a plus, even if I don't know which one of the shoe or the plate dies first.
So, hardcore soapers, which one should I choose?
Thanks ;)

Nov 30, 2008AnthoFlex

Stop being a retard and go for grindablity. Look doesn't apply to soaps. They aren't going to stay nice if you plan on grinding in them, in which case they ARE for. If you have access to T-bones, suck it up and get them, your grindability will advance

Dec 1, 2008Altman

Cemented on lateral plates and half a sole plate is better than a heavy shoe with removeable plates any day. Go with the T-Bones.

Dec 2, 2008Spano565

BTw snix, where do you plan on ordering the shoes?If it's a US site then pleas do us all a favor and post a link, it would be much appreciated by all of us still actively here on SG. - Joe (And yeah i'd say go with the t-bones that way you have more grindabillity like Anthoflex said.

Dec 2, 2008Spano565

* )

Dec 11, 2008mets603412

Go with the T-Bones or the Goas. Goas are good shoes for grinding, but T-Bones do have part of a slole plate.

That plate is a little hard to use, however it is probably the only shoe that you will find with a sole plate anymore.

Dec 16, 2008snix

Sorry for the delay, and thanks for the responses.

I settled for the Goa, eventually.

@Spano565: it's a UK site.

Dec 18, 2008Altman


Dec 28, 2008cherryman696966

snix, what is the site? and did they have it in stock or did they just take your money?

Mar 7, 2009Joshua3109

Yo, where'd you get them snix?
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