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Sorry everyone
May 30, 2005 by draper_dude

Hey guys, i know this is the shoe section, but this is where iv'e done the most damage.
I'm sorry for being such an immature little freak. I was young and stupid. I realize that it was a mistake. Please dont think of me as that little idiot who used to post here.

May 31, 2005fordy


Jun 19, 2005l3w1z

What?... The?.... Fuck???

Jun 20, 2005Fat_people_suck

wtf did he do that pissed everyone off

Jun 28, 2005red_wing

What? Ok, he (I) was talking about when he was saying stupid things about Curtinator. BTW, can you delete my account: "draper_dude"..That's me, I'll just use this account instead.

Aug 15, 2005awesomedude

u suk lol

Aug 25, 2005Curtinator

Change your signuture jerk!
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Derek Brooks hittin a Makio across the newspaper stand
Zach Larson hittin a Hittin a true unity.
Bryndon with a royale on some bleachers
Dario Nieva hittin a Fastslide
Aaron Huebner sliding royale for Bryndon