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can someone please help me.
Nov 12, 2010 by Sheepsama

Okay buysoaps@gmail.com is not even an e-mail address anymore and I have no way of contacting this guy. I paid $65 for a pair of soaps over 4 months ago and still have no received them. The last e-mail I got was in the end of august. If anyone knows this guy could you please tell him to send them or i'd like a refund. :/ I'm not mad, just severely irritated with no idea on what to do about this and figured someone on here would know what to do :/

Nov 14, 2010Brad

I have his personal email address, but since spammers are noticeably rampant here, you can hit me up on Facebook or something and I can send it to you.

Dec 14, 2010Sheepsama

well can you just let him know that i'm getting impatient and really irritated. I'm about to bring ebay security into it.

Dec 15, 2010Brad

Yeah, I'll let him know.

Dec 15, 2010Brad

whoa. totally just saw that the posts are exactly a month apart xP

But yeah, I'll defs him him up for you :P

Jan 12, 2011Sheepsama

any word?

Jan 13, 2011Brad

nada :\

Jan 27, 2011Sheepsama

this is irritating the crap out of me. :/

Jan 27, 2011Brad

Have you tried messaging his eBay account? Probs a dumb question, but just throwing out ideas :P

Feb 3, 2011Sheepsama

yeah I have, multiple times, I saw he was selling more shoes and I messaged him then knowing he had to go online and still no reply.

Feb 3, 2011Brad

That's pretty weak. I'll try messaging him again for ya.
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