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soaping pics
Mar 28, 2011 by Brad

Let's make this the thread for posting new pics etc.

Speaking of which, here's a butt-load of soaping pics that aren't on solidgrind :)

Mar 28, 2011TehOne

Thanks man, you're helping to keep soap alive =D

Mar 28, 2011TehOne

Hey brad, have you got facebook or email or anything? it would be nice to keep in touch =D

Mar 29, 2011Brad

Yeah, chances are you'll find me on any of the soap fan pages on facebook, feel free to add me up :P Btw, all of you who post here are keeping the name alive just as mush as I am ;)

Mar 29, 2011TehOne

There you go dude, it's kinda sucky, but it's only my first week :P

Mar 29, 2011TehOne

There should be a whole gallery

Mar 31, 2011Brad


Mar 31, 2011Brad

wow, my post disappeared .

can't wait to see more!

Apr 1, 2011TehOne

Thanks dude :P
Are you gonna post some aswell?

Apr 1, 2011Brad

Once the weather starts getting dry :\

Apr 2, 2011TehOne

I hope I see them soon then :P
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Luke Williams with a bike rack grind
Baker hittin a Frontside
Oliver Reed hittin a Royale down the S rail at Wash U
Dunk's 'Take My Shoe Off' Backslide on the Alexandra Park handrail
Jordan Muck hittin a Backslide at Canton