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The Secret to making your own soap shoes
Feb 13, 2014 by zelda

hey guys,

I didn't make this thread for everyone since I don't think a lot of people would go through the trouble, but here it is: the real secret.

All you need to do when making any pair of grind shoes is just make sure that your "grind plate" (nylon plastic, but many people have used a thick cutting board material for your grind shoes) does not come in contact with the floor when you walk or when you land.

In other words, you need to make sure that it is deep enough in the shoe so that when you land, the rubber of the shoe comes in contact with the ground. If it came into contact with the grind plate when you land, you would slide while you are landing. You obviously don't want that.

Also, these aren't instructions and I'm not telling anyone to do anything. If you follow these tips, obviously you're doing it at your own risk.

If you have any questions, just email or facebook me.

Feb 13, 2014freesoaps

wow o.o I didn't know it was that simple... thanks bro! You shoulda copied the thing from the soap sticker lol

Feb 13, 2014kowalski


Feb 13, 2014mcgrinder2011

I've seen the instructibles page for this and the guy even says it during his post.

Feb 13, 2014zelda

Post it here when you have a sec bro

Feb 14, 2014mcgrinder2011

Didn't you already post it? Hang on I'll try and find the link.
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