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Few different sizes of Blue Scorchers up on US ebay
Feb 15, 2014 by chicagoan

Theres like 3 pairs, just search soap shoes and most recent listing and you should find them.

just curious, how roomy is a size 8 pair of scorchers? im a 6.5 mens in regular shoes do you think a size 8 scorcher would be too roomy?

Feb 17, 2014mcgrinder2011

dang. is everyone giving up their sows? I've seen boltars, Sylons, scorchers, the infamous black cleans, squeakies, and I know I've seen scabs.

and i'd recommend a size 8. I'm a size 13 and just fit in a size 14 soap. just don't get Sylons right now otherwise they'll crumble on you.

Feb 17, 2014chicagoan

thanks for replying! I guess what might be happening is people are finding new pairs around at goodwills and such and realizing their worth something for being so rare and selling them off. Or it could be a collection, but that would be weird in multiple sizes.

I wasn't planning to get the Sylons--I really want the red or yellow scorchers but Im too excited to start soaping that I really can't wait for them to pop up--plus especially with the red ones theyll go for way more than I want to buy.

Feb 17, 2014mcgrinder2011

Whelp, youy're lucky. The Sylons were supposed to be "heavy duty" but they fell apart on me and now they're in mid repair.

And as for the Scorchers; you may have to invest about $500-$700 for them.
I'd just recommend a size 8 pari of Cleans. They make you a bit heavier, but the replaceable plates make them last longer grind wise.

Feb 18, 2014chicagoan

Odd, must have been a manufacturing error. Either that or just use of cheap materials.

I decided to give those blue size 8 scorchers a go, ended up being $90 with shipping, but seeing as those models go for much more I think its a steal. Especially since whats available from Rawk.com will be at the lowest 70 dollars, paying 20 more to get the model I want the most doesn't seem like a loss.

I was thinking of getting a pair of white/grey Boltars for a more heavy duty model. I'll only use the scorchers on rails--with the plates they have they dont look like they would do very well on curbs.

Feb 18, 2014grug250

the main guy on ebay selling all the soaps says he had them sitting in his attic but really he bought them from rawk.com cheep as and is trying to make an insane profit on them

Feb 18, 2014mcgrinder2011

Is that where the $500 cleans came from?

Feb 18, 2014mcgrinder2011

and yes they did use cheap sole materials. I had a foam sole before it got destroyed and now I'm replacing it with some from my old revolutions.

Feb 18, 2014chicagoan

Thats possible that guy is trying to gyp people, but since rawk had no scorcher models I went with that ebay seller. Because I live in the US the GBP to US conversions makes it just as expensive to buy from rawk.

I think there actually might be a few guys trying to sell soaps for crazy prices. Like those turntables listed for 199. If they were in blue and in my size I'd pay no more than 90 for them.

Feb 18, 2014mcgrinder2011

I know Rawk's prices too well considering I tried to buy a pari of blue Cleans on there.
Wait wut... THERE'S TURNTABLES ON EBAY?!!!!!!!

Feb 19, 2014chicagoan

yeah there is, theyre the orange/grey color in a size 9 but they're listed for a whopping 199.99. you can make an offer but with the price set that high I doubt they'd take much less than what theyre asking for. I guess its worth a shot if you really want em.

Feb 19, 2014mcgrinder2011

my mistake. I've seen these before. too small for me but, if you see a pair of size 13 express please let me know.

I will also let you know about anything I find too. just in case your scorchers accidentally fall apart(unlikely, maybe)

Feb 19, 2014chicagoan

Sounds good! Damn being size 13 that must be hard to find shoes, I'm sorry man :/

Feb 19, 2014mcgrinder2011

It's okay, it's always hard.
I was just lucky to get my sylons from Bladeschool. I can't imagine what a size 15 dude will be like. He'd probably have to modify a pair of his own GIANT shoes like i did.

Feb 24, 2014chicagoan

just got these scorchers in the mail!!! they're beautiful, and somehow a 8 mens fits me perfectly. the plates seem crazy quick. i want to try em out but im way too afraid ill break my face so im going to wait until i get a practice rail.

Feb 24, 2014chicagoan

by the way theres a size 13 sylon on ebay right now if you want it lol

Feb 24, 2014mcgrinder2011

thanks but I already have a size 14 now that I got from Australia.
and that's what I expected from speedster plates. how do you think they got that name? they're always crazy fast. anyway, soaps are always slower on wood so you can grind that safely. trust me.

Feb 25, 2014chicagoan

wood? interesting. I will have to try that, thanks! :)

Feb 26, 2014mcgrinder2011

no problem.
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