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Feb 25, 2014 by zelda

Can anyone who is interested in helping me with the petition please email me?

Feb 25, 2014touchmyself

damn straight!!!! I've got about four people interested in helping with it. lets get a move on

Feb 25, 2014freesoaps

im in! I think gothsoaper still has your email so I'll get it from him.

Feb 25, 2014mexicanz

i agree with touch myself (gigity) we really need to light a fire under this project.Otherwise i have a feeling soap shoes will be dead and im not paying 300 dollars for broadsides and scorchers

Feb 25, 2014zelda

ugh freaking finally

Feb 25, 2014kowalski

We all want to sign it. Have you made one yet?

Feb 25, 2014zelda

I'll word one properly and post a link tonight (hopefully)

Feb 25, 2014kowalski

Cool beans!

Happy to help with the wording.

Feb 25, 2014zelda

I'll post an example here, and you may edit it as you wish:

"The growing community of solidgrind as well as our friends are requesting that the broadsides be re-released, or a more cost effective shoe with a sole plate.

While we believe the company who has owned soap's patent with little to no promotion of grind shoes which has defrayed interest, the grassroots movement is currently substantial.

Please join our movement to bring back one of the best trends from the 90's back into the future."

Feb 25, 2014kowalski

Pretty good, man.

You might say "...the company who previously owned...", makes it clear that we aren't referring to SBG but to the unfortunate history of something that SBG recently acquired.

Feb 25, 2014mcgrinder2011

I'll be glad to help in any and every way I can, I seriously want to see Soap back and have had ENOUGH things DYING ON ME!!!

please Email me if you wish for my assistance. Emails in my profile.

Feb 25, 2014zelda

actually bro I tried emailing you but you didnt' reply lol. did you get it?

Feb 26, 2014grug250

i'm in

Feb 26, 2014mcgrinder2011

not sure which one did you use?
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