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Mar 1, 2014 by zelda


This is the latest petition which will even sent out emails to sequential brands group every time someone signs.

Also call sequential brands nonstop demanding to speak with Julia, do not allow that stupid woman to forward you to Julia's voicemail. 646-564-2577

Those who provided emails will receive one shortly about sharing this with their friends and family, whether it be via email or through facebook. Cheers.

Mar 3, 2014touchmyself

fuck yea!

Mar 3, 2014gothsoaper

sexy signed

Mar 3, 2014mindreader

damn straight

Mar 3, 2014manofmisery

lets get those bitches!

Mar 4, 2014mcgrinder2011

Yessss! Time to bring those bitches back to their place and get Soap back!

Mar 4, 2014LIGERZERO7

I'll try to see of I can get some other people to sign this too.

Mar 13, 2014zelda

guys this was my last shot at trying to get this to work, if I'm not going to get any support here I'm done.

Mar 13, 2014mcgrinder2011

I am supporting it, I signed it and Emailed Derek Brooks to see if he could sign it.

Mar 13, 2014kowalski

I signed it too.

What do you mean - no support?

Mar 13, 2014kowalski

Your last shot at getting what to work?

Mar 13, 2014mcgrinder2011

Zelda thinks that this is the last shot at getting Soap back. What he should know is that these things take some time and if we don't get the ex-pros to sign and advertise this thing; it WON'T work.

btw how's the Unity glide thing going? If you can, can ya Email me with some details?

Mar 14, 2014grug250

dude im behind it

Mar 14, 2014mcgrinder2011

sorry. how's it going then I'd really like to see how far it's gotten.

Mar 20, 2014gothsoaper

this doesn't look good guys, why hasn't everyone signed yet? plus why hasn't anyone shared it yet.

Mar 20, 2014mindreader

well not to be mean but i think people are lazy, doesn't take a lot of effort to share it on facebook via email or whatnot. please get to work guys, i think we would all like some broadsides.

Mar 20, 2014grug250

i been signing it and sharing it

Mar 22, 2014kowalski

I signed and shared.

Who specifically are you referring to?

May 21, 2014kowalski


Dec 30, 2014Waffle

We need this! Sign!

Apr 14, 2015Sambonie1

Lets sign

Apr 15, 2015Sambonie1

I've made a youtube video for this.

Apr 15, 2015grug250


Apr 15, 2015Sambonie1

Here you go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-UjZ5kh9YU

Apr 27, 2015Sambonie1


Apr 27, 2015Sambonie1

I'm making my own petition.

Jul 24, 2015Sambonie1

we should try again I'll get people at school and Gosford to sign the petition and see what happens.
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