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Apr 8, 2014 by LIGERZERO7

... Hey sorry to bother but does anyone know a place to buy just the plates? (bbk) So I got a size lower because it'd fit me better but I forgot the plates have to be the same size as the shoe...

Apr 9, 2014grug250

almost impossible to find now man .....what size did you get that were small ?

Apr 10, 2014LIGERZERO7

8. They fit better but I forgot my other pairs were 9...

Apr 11, 2014grug250

oh true bro

Apr 11, 2014mcgrinder2011

I thing size 8 plates should fit a size 9 shoe, or did I miscalculate ?
nvm, I was wrong. Yeah, Size 9-10 plates will do.

Apr 11, 2014LIGERZERO7

Oh I meant for my size 9 bbks to fit my size 8 cleans. (Sorry if I misunderstood your post.)

Apr 13, 2014mcgrinder2011

They might be a tad too big for your cleans, just get one size smaller and you'll be just fine.Size 9 plates will fit size 10 but not size 7 or 8.

Apr 15, 2014LIGERZERO7

But as grug said, they're almost impossible to find them now...

Apr 16, 2014mcgrinder2011

True, jeez if you can't find some actual plates, maybe some Maxwell. That way you can at least WEAR the shoes. It sucks to not have Soap out anymore.

Apr 23, 2014LIGERZERO7

NO WAY!!! Silver curb busters and red, white, yellow bbks!!!??? To bad my sylons aren't the quick release ones... I want them so bad! :(

Apr 23, 2014LIGERZERO7

NO! The curb busters were bought already! Well... It wouldn't hurt for some white bbks! (Hope nobody buys'em yet.)

Apr 23, 2014LIGERZERO7

Oh my bad... just as I said before, mine arent quick release. hehe...

Apr 23, 2014grug250

u found plates where ? please tell me lol

Apr 23, 2014mcgrinder2011


Apr 23, 2014LIGERZERO7

I think it ended. I have it on the computer at my house but. I just found turntables size 10! on ebay to! No way though!!! ill be back in a bit like 3 4 hours.

Apr 23, 2014LIGERZERO7

(on my schools computer btw)

Apr 23, 2014LIGERZERO7

Can't find those turntables. I bookmarked it at school. Hope I got it still anyway. Oh yeah nvm about the plates. Still there.

Apr 23, 2014LIGERZERO7

Just realized. Quickrelease plates work on every removable plate shoe...

Apr 24, 2014Go2Crew

I still have a small stock of grindplates: BBKs, UHfs, and Slo-Bros. Still have the non-grind Maxwells too. E-mail me if you're interested. Steve -- stevedeel@sbcglobal.net

Apr 24, 2014LIGERZERO7

Thanks Steve! I'm thinking of maybe buying some plates later on.

Apr 24, 2014mcgrinder2011

Awesome! what sizes do you have?

Apr 25, 2014LIGERZERO7

Hey am I the only one who got original plates with the shoes not quickrelease?

Apr 26, 2014grug250

no i got the original plates with all mine bro

Apr 26, 2014grug250

and @ go2crew i emailed you about the plates just waiting on a reply

Apr 27, 2014mcgrinder2011

Got original plates with mine too. likely an older model thing.
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