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Released: 9/22/2003

Grindplate: Express

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Jul 21, 2006 Mart

...is it me, or do these look like a cross between the Soap Faders and Septums?

Jul 21, 2006 Rick

I can definitely see some Fader in there...not so sure about the Septum, though.

Jul 21, 2006 Mart

Check the second picture, you may be able to see what I mean there

Jul 21, 2006 Rick

Gotcha, the second one does have a pretty striking resemblance.

Jul 22, 2006 Go2Crew

Yeah it does. The toplines and eyestays are different, but there are several styling clues that are similar. Even the colorway you mentioned is almost a full repeat Mart. A lot like the Praba-Groove styling redo, don't you think?

Jul 22, 2006 Mart

The Grooves are clearly the Praba's ugly younger brother. Ugh

Jul 22, 2006 dunk

...is it me, or didn't Soap release a shoe called the Flow as well? Always wanted a pair, never got round to getting them.

Jul 22, 2006 Rick

And the Soap Flow looks a hell of a lot better. Some of HSL's designs are decent, but you can't beat the old models.

Jul 22, 2006 Go2Crew

Hey Dunk, yes the Soap Flow was released in 2001. It and the Dash were two of my favorites. They both just fit great, like an athletic shoe should. But hell, I like the Praba and Scorcher, too. I guess I have become a fixed plate kind-of guy. Rick, I agree with you and Mart, HSL is pulling styling queues from the legacy designs, but I miss the old models. There is some great stuff there, but getting directional answers out of Carrollton is taking an act of Parliament (Congress in our case). Imho :|

Jul 23, 2006 Mart

Dunk you know they did, you saw the two pairs I have!

Jul 23, 2006 dunk

Yeah, I always wanted the navy/gray Flows. They got the styling bang on. Steve, you're obviously as big a shoe geek as Mart is ;)

Jul 23, 2006 dunk

Something I've just noticed about the plates on these shoes (I may have mentioned this back when the Grail was first released actually, can't remember), the hole at the centre of the plate is the shape of the Soap logo, and if this plate were on a Soap shoe it'd actually expose the Soap logo that's embossed into the arch of the shoe. Are Heelys cutting corners and using Soap's plate designs to save money?

Jul 25, 2006 broox

yes, they are basically the express plates - which is why "express" is listed as the grindplate. ;-)

Sep 2, 2006 SonicSoaper

Well they do have a right to keep the Soap logo on there since HSL(The company that makes Heelys) owns SOAP Shoes now.

Jan 2, 2007 ufo1216

i cant beileve hsl now owns soap! in my opinion heelys and soap shoes should be seperate things. soaping takes more skills than using heelys and i really think that the original soap shoes should make a comeback for the new generation....the little scumbags

Jan 17, 2007 Kile

i cant believe they stole soaps own original name for this shoe i guess there too stoopid to think of a good enough name so they go ahead and steal the name. Heelys must be real dumb if they cant think of shoe names haha

Mar 18, 2007 sam

I really wouldnt mind owning a pair of the black ones.

Apr 17, 2007 RamenRadio

I kinda think the black ones are weird.... lol

Aug 21, 2007 Heel4life

I like the black ones the most! AWW! so cool! Man I gotta put this on me b-day list!!*puts one list* I would go with the blue ones, but they look horrible. I'd keep just a blue wheel, blue (h) sign, and the rest black. The red ones look cool, but they look to much like the 2-wheeler.

Aug 22, 2007 Altman


Aug 22, 2007 LVsoaper12

once again heelys are gay and u put these on your b-day list spiderman(but we all know spider man kicks ass) is better then that.i got a good question get some soaps,who might it is that shoe with no frecking wheel.I rest my case.:)

Aug 22, 2007 Megashadow77

Shwam! Heely Bitch! It's His!
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