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Released: 6/1/2003

Grindplate: Express

The Chaos is a super light shoe with the non-removable Express grind plates

Suede and Mesh Upper
Super Light Phylon Midsole
Removable PU Sock Liner

-Black / Charcoal / Royal Blue
-Charcoal / Gray / Yellow

Sizes: 3-12 Whole Sizes Only

Stuart Pickston hitting a farf on the Civic Center Rail Stuart Pickston with a Freestyle Backslide on the Next rail Stuart Pickston hitting a Farf on the Civic Center Rail

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May 18, 2006 chip

are theas shoes good at all

May 21, 2006 chip

u can get theas for 9$ a foot on skates.com

May 21, 2006 Louis

If skates.com actually sold them, which they dont, wouldnt it have made more sense to say "you can get these for $18" ?

May 21, 2006 Mart

Urgh. Hate Team Unite!

May 22, 2006 chip

u want the link to skates .com with chaos for 9$ go to http://www.skates.com/Soap_Chaos_shoes_p/6028.htm

May 22, 2006 Louis

....they don't sell them.........as in...they arent in stock..........

Sep 24, 2006 shdook

I used to have a pair but they were worn out fast.

Sep 24, 2006 SonicSoaper

They do have a pair of Grooves in stock.

Dec 10, 2006 ajmcfarland

why can't i find my size anywhere?

Dec 11, 2006 SonicSoaper

Sizes are an issue when looking for the pair you want. Try going for a similar shoe, like the Expresses.

Dec 11, 2006 Slidey

I'm gettin these for christmas. I'm hopeing the super light phylon midsole will help me do hip hieght rails without bailing as much.

Dec 25, 2006 Slidey

Got these today. They are very good.
The super light sole is REALLY light. The Boltar (my previous soaps) is about 4 times as heavy as these (seriously). The colour scheme and styling is very good, It still has the same amount of sole as any normal soap but manages to look sleeker and slimmer in design to older models. Also the Express plate grinds fast and is good for tweakage and grinds fast.

Expect some pictures of me wearing these in the photos sections soon (when I get a new camera)

Dec 25, 2006 AnthoFlex

Yo Slidey, i just got mine! lol, Its pretty good, hope to see sum of ur stuff up here soon

Jan 25, 2007 JamesL

i think i might buy a pair stuart. they look good and arent as bulky =)

Jan 25, 2007 JamesL

where i get from????

Jan 26, 2007 Slidey

is where you need to go, hope you get some soon!

Jan 26, 2007 RamenRadio

Can't wait for that =D

Jan 27, 2007 JamesL


Jan 27, 2007 SonicSoaper

They don't sell Chaos at the SaP Soap store, just Expresses and Ordnances. They're practically the same as the Expresses though sooooo yeah.

Mar 4, 2007 Surfaced

Ugh, these are the same as the Nitro....

Mar 4, 2007 Slidey

They look sick in real life. I've got some and everyone thinks the're the best looking Soaps I own.

Mar 5, 2007 RamenRadio

are these really the same as Nitro?

Mar 5, 2007 Slidey

Pretty much. (Almost completely) The same design, same sole, same grindplate.

The only things that are different are the colours and the sole/suspension. If you push the midsole of the Chaos then it will be soft and squeezeable, unlike the tread bit of the sole. With the Nitros the whole sole is as hard as the tread bit of the sole on the Chaos

Mar 5, 2007 AnthoFlex

I think they are the same, just different sizes....how stupid is that? Make the same shoe from size 1-12 but 1-6 and 3-12 have different names

Mar 6, 2007 Slidey

Maybe it would have been easier for marketing?
The retailers could just have said "this shoe is specifically designed for people with feet size 1-6 instead of 3-12"

What I meant by Almost completely was that the two bits with the markings on them on either side are connected to the front bit of suede on Chaos, on Nitros they are separate pieces of suede sewn on. So yeah, they are the same shoe, except for the sole.

Personally, I'm in support of both of them. If there were no Nitros then my bro would have to have waited a few years till his feet were big enough to use soaps and the Chaos are THE sickest looking soaps I own.

Mar 6, 2007 JeiHeirumaru

I agree with Slidey. That,and if you spraypaint em' right,they look like Sonic's SA2 shoes

Mar 7, 2007 shdook

the gray pair look pretty cool in real life, but the shoe gets shred up pretty easily with tweaked tricks

Sep 4, 2007 RamenRadio

Too bad, I actually would've liked a pair of chaos. I love that royal blue color. I'd take those over express any day honestly.

Stu, how do you like your chaos grind wise?


I just bought these off ebay for £25 (£50!!

Jan 5, 2008 RamenRadio

I would have loved those in size 11


Sorry to rain on your parade Travis, but they were UK 10s (US 11s). Hopefully me and Stu are going to do a shoot at a few sick rails in a town called Thurrock in the near future.

Jan 5, 2008 RamenRadio

Eh, oh well. Doesn't matter, I just wanted the shoes because they look better than express.

I don't need another pair of shoes with express grind plates. I have enough "fun" with my white express.

Have fun with em!

Mar 6, 2008 Soapdreamer

10x better is a matter of opinion in what you like in a shoe.
Also Caps lock is not cruise control to cool.

Nov 29, 2009 Brad

First SOAPs I ever laid eyes on. I want 'em so bad =O

Nov 29, 2009 soapy1

they look rlly awesome for shoes made by heelys

Dec 15, 2009 Tedd

Yeah, I actually remember seeing their advertisements on Sonic Adventure 2 now.. I thought it was all fake in-game stuff.. Damn, wish I had looked them up when I could and I'd have myself a nice pair of these.

Dec 15, 2009 Brad

I knew they were real shoes when I first got that game, it's just a little hard to get them when you;re 10 years old and in Canada. Lmao.

Dec 16, 2009 Brad

I re-read my post and to clear things up. I found out about soaps when I was 10. I'm 16 now.

Dec 16, 2009 Timuukun

At least you knew about them for six years...I remember seeing the SOAP shoes ads in Sonic Adventure 2, but thinking that they were probably some fake ad like the "Chaos Soda," and the "Got Ring?" ads that were mixed in. I only found out about them, like...a week ago, and I'll be 18 in less than a month.

Seems like I'm doomed to miss out on all the cool stuff the first time around and then have to spend hours trying to find the last one left on the internet...:(

Dec 16, 2009 sylonbroadsides

The soaps featured in sonic adventure 2 were the scorchers, sonic's shoe.

Dec 16, 2009 Brad

/Nitro. It's like they had a baby. -Glares at HSL-

Mar 12, 2010 Brad


Jun 21, 2010 sgtbuck

does anyone know where i can find these shoes, i need a new size 11

Jun 22, 2010 Brad

I know where you can get a size 9.

Guess that doesn't help much though, does it.

Jun 27, 2010 Tedd

Looking for size 11/12. If I can get them new, that's better. Looking for Blacks.

Jun 27, 2010 BuySoaps

Unfortunately Ted, I never managed to get a pair. Someone named "ZOMGSCHORCHERS" managed to buy a pair of size 11's, not sure if he is willing to give it up though.

Jun 27, 2010 Brad

Same dude.. Chaos black is my fave style.

Aug 6, 2010 dk00

Hey brad where can you still get the size 9 chaos?

Aug 6, 2010 Brad

I personally can't and, unless you live in the UK, neither can you. They're found on this site http://www.rawk.com/shop/soap-shoes/143/ which only ship to Europe I believe. So unless you get lucky on eBay, then you're out of luck. Sucks too, these are one of my fave shoes.

Jan 8, 2012 Lightninnova

for once im glad to live in uk, there quite a massive stock of soaps at rawk and skates .co.uk and I meen alot :) its difficult to get the sizes you want, but its pritty good otherwise

Feb 22, 2012 RamenRadio

the black ones are sexyyy

Jun 3, 2013 gongon1037

I just ordered a pair of these off rawk and now waiting for them to arrive. so how are these shoes? are they tough?

Jun 4, 2013 kowalski

Nice score, man. What colours you getting?

Jun 4, 2013 Revengasaur

Chaos are just expresses with a different upper. The first runs of express (and all the other variations with the express sole/plate) Are nearly bulletproof. My G1 expresses are still 100% fine as shoes, with no plates left to speak of. Excellent for rails, not so great for ledges. Not the most comfortable soap, but all around a great shoe.

Jun 4, 2013 gongon1037

these sound like great shoes, these will be my lightest pair of soaps. I never tried express plates before, and I cant wait to try them out. hopefully these plates last me for years(2 or 3 at least).

Those black and blue are all mine

Jun 4, 2013 kowalski

Totally dope. The black and blue look way nicer than the grey and yellow.

Jun 4, 2013 Revengasaur

Great shoes, but I got a bit carried away as the express were my first pair of soaps. I hit unwaxed curbs and parking blocks, literally anything in these shoes and they lasted about eight months before they were completely useless for grinding. Stick with rails and maybe a select few well waxed ledges and they should last for hopefully two years. Or if you're feeling well-heeled buy as many pairs in your size you can afford, you will never regret it.

Jun 5, 2013 gongon1037

you will never regret it. So tru. I have 3 cleans and I never regret getting them. I even wore my black cleans at my sisters QuinceaƱera(sweet 15) while wearing a tuxedo.
The only problem I have with the cleans though is that there heavy.

Jun 5, 2013 Relate2Videos

Chaos are way lighter no worries

Jun 5, 2013 zelda

these available in a size 10 or 11?

Jun 5, 2013 kowalski

They have 2 pairs of US size 10 at www.rawk.com in the Charcoal/Grey/Yellow colour scheme.

Jul 18, 2013 VintageGMan

Won a pair of the royal blue size 11 UK off eBay for Ā£1.25, awesome control on royale, farf and torque tricks. Especially on rails, if you can get a pair buy them you won't regret it. Avoid ledges if you want them to last longer.

Oct 7, 2013 mcgrinder2011

damn, these shoes are sweet. too bad they're all too small.

May 10, 2015 aname

One of my favorite shoes.

May 12, 2015 mcgrinder2011

They would be too if they came in my size.

May 13, 2015 Waffle

My friend just receives these bout 15 days ago

May 14, 2015 gongon1037

One of my favorite pair also. These shoes are super light compared to the other shoes I have.

May 16, 2015 LIGERZERO7

Someone bought the last pair of size 7 for these :( Was hoping to try these haha.

May 17, 2015 aname

Skate hut still has them in both colors in UK 6 which is a US 7. Unless you need UK 7/US 8 but they still have expresses and stuff in that size. Lucky ;)

May 17, 2015 LIGERZERO7

yep us 8 haha. 7 are a bit too tight but i was probably getting the express but i just wanted to try the chaos. imo they look nice

May 17, 2015 aname

There's size 8s of the yellow/gray on ebay now.
They're probably my favorite shoes looks wise. Especially the black/blue ones.

Jun 7, 2015 grug250

like the blue

Jun 8, 2015 Waffle

Buddy's got em.

Jun 8, 2015 grug250

me too soon i hope

Jul 4, 2015 grug250

wow the weight of these is crazy

Jul 6, 2015 Sambonie1

like what heavy, light

Jul 7, 2015 grug250


Sep 20, 2015 Novasoaper

Anybody have a pair of the black ones size 11

Sep 24, 2015 Waffle

These are rare as fuck good luck finding any.. Btw its me phil.

Sep 27, 2015 grug250

Mine are size 12

Mar 13, 2016 Novasoaper

I'm willing to pay 60 bones for a pair of size 12 chaos

Mar 20, 2016 grug250

Man I paid more than that for my pair

Mar 23, 2016 Novasoaper

Name your price

Mar 26, 2016 Novasoaper

if your selling i mean

Mar 28, 2016 grug250

Sorry bro not selling

Mar 28, 2016 Novasoaper

Its ok if you find anyone that has them can you tell me?

Mar 28, 2016 grug250

Fo sure

Apr 22, 2016 LIGERZERO7

Are the pictures not showing up for anyone else?

Jan 10, 2018 gongon1037

feels good to see the website back up.

Aug 27, 2018 megamac

I like these shoes. lightweight and they have a decent design. Reminds me if Sylon and Schorcher had a baby.
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