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Release: Unknown

Grindplate: Impact

The Prabas are like a "new school" version of the Scabs. They feature mesh windows and a spongy soft tongue to keep the weight of the Prabas down. There is also a brake bar on the sides of the Prabas just above the grind plates for all you people who love speed control. Prabas come sporting non-replacable Impact grinding plates.

-Black/White (black / white / maroon)
-Grey (grey / black / yellow)
-Grey/Yellow (grey / white / blue)

Sizes: 3-13 (Grey shoes came in 14)

Alexei Tajzler of DEOS hittin another Alley-Opp CG in Greenville, Delaware Bryndon with a royale on some bleachers Zach Larson hittin a Royale Alexei Tajzler of DEOS hittin an Alley-Opp CG in Wilmington, Delaware Bryndon with a frontside.

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Apr 7, 2006 pballer917

how much do they cost

Apr 7, 2006 soaphoax

eeerr doe lik em

Apr 21, 2006 teamhoax

They look like a better version of scabs, lol

Apr 23, 2006 Surfaced

They are a new-school version of the Scabs. Personally, I like the Prabas more than Scabs.

Apr 23, 2006 Jack

Hey James.

Apr 30, 2006 AnthoFlex

look nice

Aug 26, 2006 SigmaPoe

They never to relase these things

Aug 26, 2006 Mart

...what are you, a moron? If they didn't release them then explain the large number of photos taken of people in these shoes

Sep 24, 2006 Krammit

Exactly how good are these anyway? Never had the Praba, don't know if their a good grind or not

Sep 24, 2006 AnthoFlex

I have to say they look cool but i've never had a pair......i will say that the plate looks like CRAP, and according to what people say, it IS crap...

Sep 24, 2006 shdook

I think they look better than scabs

Sep 24, 2006 Krammit

I'm just wondering if they handle any good, or if they can hold a good grind

Sep 25, 2006 mgm

I think the plates look cool.

Sep 25, 2006 broox

Take a look at some of the photos of these shoes. It looks like they are holding some really nice grinds to me...

However, the grindplates are really nice, especially the dual density ones. That area on the outside will keep you from going too fast on rails in royale position - that said, they handle excellent.

Nov 28, 2006 dudeman

these r nice

Dec 6, 2006 snikas

these are realy nice!

Feb 13, 2007 ordnanceflint91

got my black/yellow/grey prabas off ebay...they got here and they are protos.. hell yeah...really comfortable, the only drawback is no lock on..but great for tweaking tricks

Mar 24, 2007 rhinoskater30

Even though the scorchers were "Sonic's shoe" these remind me of them because of the plate.


Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, *Wipes drool from face*

Damn, thos look Smexy. In my opinion that is.

Apr 30, 2007 kobansora

I want


May 1, 2007 rhinoskater30

Yeah, they're a pretty good looking shoe, I'd want some, oh yeah, I just got to wear my new Express that I got for my b-day which is today!!!

May 1, 2007 kobansora

Now, go grind.


May 1, 2007 rhinoskater30

I have been, they're sweet, i thot theyd be slower than scorchers, i was wrong!

May 1, 2007 RamenRadio

Kinda ironic how the grindplate on the scorchers are called speedsters lol

May 1, 2007 rhinoskater30

lol yeah, little timmy jumps on a rail w/ scorchers, gets stuck, and falls

so THAT'S how little timmy fell in a well

Jun 8, 2007 AnthoFlex

Its funny how the "O" on the tongue is to the far side of the tongue. I guess they got tired of putting it in the middle

Jun 8, 2007 RamenRadio

I'm so pissed I didn't get these......

Jun 8, 2007 AnthoFlex

Yea man, Dual density. YELLOW and GRAY.

looked sick

Jun 9, 2007 Megashadow77

*gets on one knee*
Yellow Gray Prabas.....will you marry me?

Jun 9, 2007 RamenRadio

Woa, Mike, calm down a bit.... XD

Aug 28, 2007 greenfire8484

really want the blue and whites.

Oct 18, 2007 AnthoFlex

saffron/gum prabas? I wonder what color impacts came with those...

Oct 19, 2007 JeiHeirumaru

Same as greenfire... I want th' blue'n whites

Jan 19, 2015 grug250

just got a pair of these they are dope as

Jan 19, 2015 mcgrinder2011

Dope as fuck? I'd imagine. Considering they're "new school" scabs.

Jan 19, 2015 grug250

i love them and the plate is sick

Jan 20, 2015 mcgrinder2011

Gotta love the impact:)

Jan 20, 2015 grug250

oh for sure bro

Jan 20, 2015 Waffle

I know a place where they sell white and maroon ones for $40!

Jan 21, 2015 mcgrinder2011

Sick bro, where?

Jan 21, 2015 grug250

what he said

Jan 21, 2015 Waffle

One sec imma try to find!

May 19, 2015 aname

I love these shoes. Wish I had some more :P

May 19, 2015 grug250

i sold mine for $100 a month ago

May 20, 2015 LIGERZERO7

How are those impact plates?

May 20, 2015 aname

The impacts in the prabas are sweet in my opinion. I haven't used them much yet but they're really good for royales and grooving them is easy. Fast too. The outside part is a little bit slower than the black part. The prabas I have are samples from 1999 so I'm not sure if the released version is any different. The impacts on the other shoes are different and don't have the softer rubber like the prabas.

May 21, 2015 grug250

impacts are sweet
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Jim hittin a Frontside down 30 steps!
Cullen Wurzer hittin a Royale on the school handrails
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