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Grindplate: Express

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Mar 7, 2006 Mart

These shoes look whack, no wonder they were never released

Apr 13, 2006 teamhoax

i hear you man, thay are rank!!...

Jul 30, 2006 AnthoFlex

Quite obvious but imma say it....This is definetly one of HSL's models...The Express plate and the Foamy stuff ( i think called mesh) has the Express design

Jul 30, 2006 Mart

A lot of the original Soaps had mesh dude, especially the later ones

Jul 31, 2006 AnthoFlex

I know, but i said the mesh had the same design as the Express....unless if thats already what you meant

Jul 31, 2006 SonicSoaper

They look like they're aimed towards girl Soapers.

Jul 31, 2006 Relsi

I don't know what girl would like those.

Jul 31, 2006 SonicSoaper

Skater girls probably.

Jul 31, 2006 Mart

Since when do girls wear grey skate shoes?

Jul 31, 2006 Go2Crew

Guys, look closer. It's a Rockport style walking shoe upper with a Soap logo slapped on it and done in grey i/o brown or beige. They even copied the the top two lace eyelets adjusting holes! The sole/grindplate combination however, was the prototype for HSL's 2002-early 2003 re-introduction of the Soap Brand. If I remember correctly, this was a designer/sourcing agent's attempt to show Soap what they could produce out of their factory (and yes, they made Rockport walking shoes!) Needless to say, this one died at the concept prototype .... but the sole lived on. Thump, thump .. thump, thump.

Jul 31, 2006 Rick

Of all the times I've looked at this, I never realized the sole. Thanks for pointing that out, Steve.

Aug 26, 2006 SigmaPoe

I want those I want those badly now!! espeically the pure black ones

Oct 31, 2006 AnthoFlex

All of HSL's soap shoes, except for the A-side, T-bone, and Express have that Sole.....But my Express' are unique....they have that same sole....not the bubble like they're supposed to....lol....heres a pic...

Oct 31, 2006 AnthoFlex

Nov 1, 2006 adamblock

These remind me of the New Balance shoes my grandpa wears. The black ones moreso...they just have that similar leather styling to some New Balance models.

Just a thought...

Nov 1, 2006 Slidey

Anthoflex, you've got the same sole as the chaos shoes... on the express, thats realli unique

Nov 1, 2006 AnthoFlex

I know, makes me happy

Mar 31, 2007 AnthoFlex

These were supposed to be released February 1st, 2005

If thats the case, then these were supposed to be the most recent Soapshoes made....but i thought that by '05, HSL completely neglected Soapshoes already

Mar 31, 2007 Surfaced

Yes, 2005 was by far the worst year in Soap shoes history.

Apr 1, 2007 AnthoFlex

yes it was....oh boy, yes it was

Apr 1, 2007 kobansora

DAmn who's idea was that anyways? Hrm. :/


Apr 4, 2007 rhinoskater30

They're a mix of the grails and express. Cuz of the pattern right above the grind plate and the way the shoes looks...kinda like all the others...

Apr 4, 2007 Surfaced

All HSL Soap shoes (excluding the A-side and T-Bone) have the same midsole, although the Express' is slightly modified to house a shock absorber. I don't see any Grail, and quite frankly, nothing from the Express that would distinguish it from other HSL models.

Apr 18, 2007 Tasslehoff

*whistles* they look good on the pedestal but on my feet... ehh...

Aug 26, 2007 greenfire8484

they look... shiny... and... pretty...

Dec 22, 2007 AnthoFlex

I have to disagree with Steve's comment on these shoes. About the timing of their release.

They were supposed to be released February of 2005. It still makes me wonder...i thought by 05' that HSL had given up on soap.....

Mar 6, 2008 Hattmac02

i think they used this midsole or mesh whatever on any shoe with the express including the torch could be wrong

Dec 25, 2009 Brad

They look like those old man velcro shoes you get a t Wal-Mart.

Dec 27, 2009 Timuukun

I know exactly what you mean. Either old man shoes, or those really annoying little kid shoes that usually light up.

Jun 13, 2013 kowalski

These are clearly one of the nicer lookking shoes ever proposed as a Soap.

Sep 12, 2013 mcgrinder2011

And yet they were never released...

Sep 13, 2013 zelda

they kind of had to, this shoe was made by HSL. Considering they already made five different designs with the same grind plate, it would have been kind of stupid.

They just weren't too business savy, and on top of that stopped doing soap shoes demos and replaced those said demos with heelys demos. Yeah it's a shame though, they are nice shoes. Derek Brooks has the only pair I believe.

Sep 13, 2013 manofmisery

those heelys guys were freaking stupid. i wouldn't say these shoes are the best looking though i like the scorchers more

Sep 13, 2013 mindreader

i find these rather plain

Sep 13, 2013 mcgrinder2011

People have different opinions, I think these look pretty cool. Except for all the gray... Could use more color

Sep 13, 2013 zelda


Sep 14, 2013 mcgrinder2011

hm, quite.

Jan 22, 2014 mcgrinder2011


Jan 23, 2014 LIGERZERO7

Likin that pedestal haha wish I had one of those lol.

Jan 23, 2014 mcgrinder2011

you can find them at shoe stores. AND if you don't want to steal, I can make you one, I AM an artist after all.

Jan 14, 2015 Waffle

All of you faga saying you were glad they were never released. These were supposed to be released in 2005. Now if they were released Soap would probably still be around.

Jan 15, 2015 mcgrinder2011

They may still be around if the Slice were released. But put in a different color scheme. As much as I like plain gray shoes, I wouldn't stand wearing these for long. Hell I gave my Sylons red laces because they didn't have much color anyway.

And please don't call us fags, that could start a fight we don't need.

Jan 15, 2015 grug250

i reckon these look dope

Jan 15, 2015 Waffle

Sorry MCG wont call anyone fags cause I hate flame wars. And yes these look dope different from the typical HSL design.
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