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May 9, 2000 by broox

Alright! I have a new domain for a while. It is likely to change sometime this summer as well. What does all this change mean for you? well, it simply means there will be more content, more videos, and possibly a message board! This site should come a long ways within the next few months. I have a new picture today. It is of Chris Wren. Chris is a 19 year old freshman at Butte College in California who sports a pair of navy scabs. Chris likes girls and Mustangs, but he doesn't like mean people. It's a good idea to stay away from those mean people Chris. anyway, check out his picture in the other guys section.
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Jordan Pushing Aaron off a hand rail. Soap team at it's finest!
Cullen Wurzer hittin a Royale on the school handrails
Jay Sers hittin a Stylish frontside as the sun sets
Oliver Reed hittin a Royale on the way to the STL Demo
Derek Brooks hittin a Frontside