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Apr 17, 2007 by Jard39

ok i kmow what this will sound like but i think its actually possible

if u contstruct a loop out of metal could someone grind it

Apr 17, 2007SonicSoaper

Uh....yeah. There are rails that are sometimes created in a loop shape, like the ring rail in Soaptopia.

Apr 17, 2007Jard39

but can u grind it on ur soaps

Apr 17, 2007Surfaced


Apr 17, 2007SonicSoaper

Wow. I'm not even answering that one.

Apr 17, 2007adamblock

wait like a vertical loop?

yeah that can totally be done. ive done it nine times.

Apr 17, 2007pepsi


Do you mean something like that...because that came straight to my mind when i heard loop.

if so...you probably wouldn't be able to do it...unless you unbelievably crazy and have like...loads of speed.

but it probably isn't what im talking about lol.

Apr 17, 2007AnthoFlex

Ive always thought of that, haha

If you make it, i'll grind it, or die trying, i promise

Apr 17, 2007adamblock

like i said, ive already done it, like, 9 times....

if there were a million loops in a row i bet i could grind them all.

Apr 17, 2007rhinoskater30

of course, u just have to go fast enough, like when u skateboard

Apr 17, 2007AnthoFlex

You've gone through a vertical loop like a million times? i doubt it...

Apr 17, 2007Surfaced

It's a little hard to detect, but he was probably being sarcastic.

Apr 18, 2007rhinoskater30

wut do u mean "vertical"

Apr 18, 2007Jard39

i was talking about exactley what pepsi was talking about except in rail form

Apr 18, 2007SonicSoaper

If Sonic could do it then so can the Grinch.

Apr 18, 2007adamblock

The grinch soaps?

Apr 18, 2007adamblock

I suppose if you really wanted to, you could. I mean, one would need almost perfect balance because the length of the rail to build up your speed on would either be really long, really steep, or in between the aforementioned. Then i guess you could just make the loop the smallest it could be without making it not possible, and then the soaper could crouch going through the loop. Of course, im no expert soaper, so i have no idea if that is actually achievable.

Apr 18, 2007Slidey

that is an awesomely cool idea =D
buut I don't think it's possible, unless your from the Relate crew =P

Apr 18, 2007Zhowulf

YOu don't know? It's like..the ultimate beginner trick. Everyone has done one!

Apr 18, 2007AnthoFlex

A vertical loop? i HIGHLY doubt it.

Apr 18, 2007pepsi

well..it's very very unlikely unless you have something to speed you up...like a motorbike or something...then you have to make sure you actually get onto the rail XD...or else your screwed...very badly

Apr 18, 2007pepsi

or the force of gravity might be against you lol

Apr 19, 2007Tasslehoff

if anyone finds a picture of this alleged vert loop, id like to see it.

Apr 19, 2007Curtinator

IT COULD be lets see build a rail that is steep like from your house or a two story building and grind down it then you will have enough speed to loop. lol jk but I wonder....

Apr 20, 2007AnthoFlex

Ive always wanted to make one, and believe me, i WOULD try it. But until there is one made, i cant try it

Apr 20, 2007pepsi

once i probably see a metal loop...i'll believe it can be done, but until it's actually made...i wont :P

Apr 20, 2007rhinoskater30

it would probably hurt ur hips cuz they dont lie lol jk...but the loop couldnt be JUST round, it would have to be an eliptical or oval shape, for ur body and gravity's sake...if u could get enough speed to go up and upside down and come around, ud be good the rest of the way

Apr 20, 2007pepsi

you have to be able to balence yourself once your actually upside down on the rail, like for instance...you probably have to move your body weight to the side thqat your coming out of...or else you'll probably just end up falling @_@

Apr 20, 2007Tasslehoff

im guessing its possible. i mean, look at the skaters! tony hawk even skated a fullpipe without the top. it was weird.

Apr 20, 2007Surfaced

That was on a skateboard. The only propulsion we have is our feet.

Maybe someone like this guy could do it though:

Now that's a real freestyle walker. (Or free runner, or traceur if you must.)

Apr 20, 2007SapAuthor

I tihnk stuff like that would be fun, true FSW.

Anyways though. Physically possible to do a verticle loops? Yes, The physics are there, the Work force pushing you against the rail has to be equal to or stronger than the force of gravity downwards, I could probably use my calc 3 to figure out though how fast you would need to go, but let me tell you...Not only would it be insanely fast, but the forces at work pushing on ur body, balance, and the slight movement, not to mention different vector forces acting on various parts of your body, don't even think about this lol.

Even on a skateboard, a loop requires a near 45 degree ramp from 2+ stories, and that's on 4 points, a more stable surface. With SOAPs, you have only 2, on pivots, which means sooo much easier to slip up.

Unless you want to devote your life, money, nad sacrificing limbs, put this one in the "would be cool but never going to happen" lol.

Now, a horizontal loop, yeah that's doable. You have to calculate the right angle to lean in and right speed when doing it, but people have done horizontal loops.

And whoever said they do verticle loops all the time, i'm calling bull on this one. I'm guessing though they meant horizontal loops

Apr 20, 2007Mart

You wouldn't calculate anything when doing a horizontal ring, you'd just step up and have a go

Apr 20, 2007Slidey

Thier pips lol
Horizontal rings are fun as well

Apr 20, 2007Tasslehoff

id just go by instinct. i mean, ive been a daredevil since i could run. my mom says she caught me jumping off and all over the couches at 2 years old.

Apr 21, 2007rhinoskater30

tassle... a fullpipe with out the top would be a halfpipe lol
or maybe im just reading it wrong...
Trevs right too, it could possibly hurt the grind plates, but i dont really know how strong the plates are so then...whatta i know?! lol

Apr 21, 2007SapAuthor

Didn't mention grind plates breaking. YOU would break before the grind plate lol. The force it would take to snap that plastic in half would sooner fracture bone or bust joints.
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