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San diego?
Apr 27, 2007 by xJeremiahx

Anyone here from around san diego area? If so what are some good soap spots?

Apr 27, 2007Wesker

Look around dude, cali is amazing for soaping.

Apr 30, 2007xJeremiahx

Yeah I'm not very confident on my hip high railing yet and that seems to be all I'm finding. Once I get better it will be sic hitting some of those spots though.

I also need to find ANY soapers from around my area. I think I'm the only one around that even knows what soaps are.

I have been spreading the word on where to buy them though. I volenteer at my local skate park where I usualy skateboard. The last couple weeks since I bought my soaps I've been busting out around all the local skaters and some of them seemed interested in getting a pair.

Apr 30, 2007AnthoFlex

Dude, Cali has F***in migit rails, i would rape each and every rail there. They are soooo awesomely low

Apr 30, 2007SonicSoaper

I'd like to hit up the spots from Shag This.
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Bryndon with a frontside (about to jump from rail 1 to rail 2).
Joe Fitzgerald hittin a UFO
Derek Brooks hittin a Royale
Dario Nieva with a Backside UFO
Chris Corrado hittin a Steep Frontside