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Heelys In Canada, Where To Buy?
Jun 19, 2003 by AleX

Does anyone know where you can get a pair of heelys in Canada (particularely the fusion model) im looking to buy a pair but i dont want to have to pay US prices + shipping and such.

Jun 20, 2003Wesker

Someone on runandroll.com can probably help you.

Jun 20, 2003Mart

Oooh, that tard-fest... it's like the Starmen.net of the extreme sports world...

Jun 22, 2003AleX

I checked out runandroll.com, and i must say its the most frustrating and retarded website ive ever been to. I set up an account on it and logged in, but it seemed like everytime i opened a new page on the site i had to login again. Anyways, if anyone even knows any websites that sell Heelys could you let me know them, seems like thats the only way im gonna be able to get them.

May 23, 2004Curtinator

Beh, look on ebay canada they sell some Heelys there.

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