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Do you like Soap Shoes?
Aug 2, 2007 by rhinoskater30

Let me know if you like Soap Shoes!
Let me know if you don't like Heelys!

Aug 2, 2007RamenRadio


Aug 2, 2007Page645

im just gonna put in for soap and walk away
*walks away and hides in the closet*

Aug 2, 2007Megashadow77


Aug 2, 2007LVsoaper12

they think megashadow said it all

Aug 2, 2007Megashadow77

Pretty much everyone here is gonna like Soap Shoes.

If you HATE Soap shoes, I'll stab you in the balls.

Fair Enough?

Aug 2, 2007SapAuthor

Lol mega, that should make sure all answers are totally unbiased ;-)

Aug 15, 2007Heel4life

I just got introduced to soap shoes today, I like heelys much more because I can do more than just grind. But, The heelys with grind plates are just like soaps. Dont hate heelys. love them.

Aug 15, 2007AnthoFlex

Stop the charade Seth, we know its you.

Aug 15, 2007rhinoskater30

you heely and you're how old?

Aug 15, 2007Page645

i say he's 14 or 15

Aug 15, 2007xJeremiahx

His profile says he is 16

Aug 15, 2007xJeremiahx

doesn't realy matter though. If he is having fun then good for him.

Aug 15, 2007SapAuthor

Meh, still in general heelys are for younger kids, and soaps for older. You'll get your unique ones like a little get getting SOAPs, or a teen buying Heelys i guess. Still, different markets.

Aug 15, 2007Megashadow77

"Stop the charade Seth, we know its you"


Aug 16, 2007lvmaniac44

soaps rock and heelys suck balls

Aug 19, 2007SpiderSoaper

heelys aint that bad imma get some someday, now i just want some white express, but i'm short on cash, and i have a sweet deal on a $90 Xbox 360

Aug 19, 2007Page645

WAT!?!?!?!?!!?!?! $90!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?HOLY SHIT!

Aug 19, 2007Megashadow77

WAT?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? SPIDERSOAPER POSTED?!?!?!?!??!!??!?!?!HOLYSHIT!

Aug 19, 2007SpiderSoaper

yea thats right and yea it's been a while cause my internet is screwed and this is my cuzin's computer

Aug 19, 2007Megashadow77

Ah, well, it's good to see ya man, I thought you had quit soaping or sumthin.

Aug 19, 2007greenfire8484

I just got introduced to soap shoes today, I like heelys much more because I can do more than just grind. But, The heelys with grind plates are just like soaps. Dont hate heelys. love them. (end quote)
thats disgusting. Heely's grind plates aren't as good as Soap's as I've learned, using Scabs once and owning the Heelys Evolution model, Soaps just are all-around better, and if u like Heelys so much go to a Heelys site

SOAPS ROCK!!!!!!!!! HEELYS SUCK!!!!!!!
thats j

Aug 19, 2007greenfire8484

lol oops the 'thats j' at the bottom was a mistake, when i typed thats disgusting, i was gonna type thats just gross but i figured disgusting was better, and its a long story.
The main reason I don't like Heelys is because they used to be unique a few years back and if you had a pair you were immediately cool cause no one else had them now, they're a fad. Just mainstream, like cellphones. Plus, if u take out the wheels, the sole gets considerably bigger towards the back and feels uncomfortable. I have to admit that some look cool, but the ones that aren't cool just look tacky and obnoxious.

Aug 19, 2007Megashadow77

hahahahaha, Greenfire, I like you already....

Aug 20, 2007SpiderSoaper

nah shadow i havent quit, i've just been at florida, my house got flooded, they're fixing my roof, my telephone line dosent work,causing my internet not to work, pure hell, i havent even soaped in three weeks........but i didnt stop though(soap)....

Aug 20, 2007greenfire8484


thats wat she said
lol i love that phrase.
Bad news. I'm wearing those Heelys now.
Good news. I do not have the wheels anymore. I was just sliding down the rails outside.

Aug 20, 2007greenfire8484

o and mega i friend requested u on myspace: )

Aug 20, 2007Sigma


Aug 20, 2007Megashadow77


For real dude, your last comment, was like, october of 2006!

Aug 20, 2007Megashadow77

Make that December

Aug 20, 2007vault

*a nice song plays*

"reunited and it feels so good,"


Aug 20, 2007JonnyRoger

I fail to have any form of passion towards Heelys, possibly cause Im 21? Who knows... Just bought another pair of Soaps though, so, my vote goes to Soap.

Aug 21, 2007vault

hey johnny arent you one that posted a demo back in 03? i saw it in the forum lhke the third to last page

Aug 21, 2007JonnyRoger

Nah, sorry chap, I havent linked any media...yet. Is it a good demo? I couldnt find anything demo specific, just some people being flamed for not using rails enough :P

Aug 22, 2007vault

oh musta been some1 else then. i dont know how it was srry

Aug 23, 2007Tomeeh

I have heelys, i love them. First i wanted soap shoes, but in central europe nobody sells them. So i bought a heelys with grindplate. Maybe nextyear i'll buy a pair of soap shoes in US. :-)

Aug 24, 2007Kru

I think Im gonna sacrifice my heelys to the Soap gods. Pieces of crap they are and I don't feel they're worth reselling.. there just pieces of shit. Haven't decided weather to set them on fire or cut them in to little pieces.

Aug 24, 2007Page645

fire its more fun to look at them burn or that might just me being my pyro self:P

Aug 25, 2007rhinoskater30

i didn't mean to hurt heel4life's feelings

i admit, i was a little older than the average of 12 years to stop heeling, but then i realized, do i want to roll on 2 wheels or eight? hmmm, i guess rollerblades are for me

but i don't have any good skates, or money to just spend on skates

screw em all


Aug 27, 2007soapbofo

i have only seen little kids with heelys. my friends 7 or 9 year old sister and my other friends little bro. sometimes i see little kids with them at the store. only little kids though i never seen someone older than probably 12 with em except one time in a video.

Aug 27, 2007SpiderSoaper

well the soap gods have cursed me because yesterday i bought torches for 50 bucks, and hey it is fun i'll admit(it feels good to use a new express plates) and today i fell while trying to do a 180 spin to stop, and i fell on my rist and broke it. damn it hurts right now

Aug 27, 2007Megashadow77


Aug 27, 2007SpiderSoaper

damn never broke nothing in my life before

Aug 27, 2007Megashadow77

Painful, eh?

Aug 27, 2007SpiderSoaper

shit yea and it had to be my right arm.damn i draw with this hand

Aug 27, 2007Megashadow77

Hey, at least you have an excuse not to write at school!

Aug 27, 2007SpiderSoaper

i'll be fine before school starts, besides i dont mind going back, i'm cool with it
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