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Soap Videos
Jun 11, 2004 by No10Spi

hey does anybody know where i can watch some soap videos?

Jun 12, 2004Ryan-FST


My site, we have 4 clips up there, we're working on a 30min video, it'll be up soon.

Note: If you go there and see the bandwith is exceeded, just go back in one hour, its hard to host videos and pics with geocities without exceeding bandwith.

Jun 12, 2004BPsoaps


Jun 12, 2004Ryan-FST

^^ They climb up on the rails in those videos... gah...

Jun 12, 2004BPsoaps

That is true.

Jun 12, 2004BPsoaps

There is a good one in the Non-Athens category tho.

Jun 12, 2004Mart

Don't get me started on AthensFSW...

Jun 13, 2004Namlhof

Well the Athens video is ok. Climbing onto the rail shouldn't really be TOO much of a bother. It may take away from the action (slightly) but it's soaping non the less.

Jun 13, 2004Ryan-FST

still soaping? Come on, ANYONE can climb up on a rail put your feet in position and slide. Without actually jumping on, soaping takes absolutely no talent.

Jun 13, 2004Namlhof

Well anyone with SOAPS could grind I suppose =P There is still tricks involved but yeah. Whatever though, I'm not the expert on videos.

Jun 13, 2004Smokey

Climbing on takes away from the action slightly? Soaping is meant to be something you do on the go. 'On the go' does not mean walking up to a handrail, carefully climbing on, then sliding down. I'd say climbing takesa way 90% of the action, and 99% of the purpose.

Jun 13, 2004Namlhof

I suppose that's true but it's not like Soaping is a real sport. That's why it doesn't bother me when I see them climbing. Soaping isn't that huge anyway so it really shouldn't be taken TOO seriously, but I can see what you are saying.

Jun 13, 2004Mart

'Soaping isn't that huge anyway so it really shouldn't be taken TOO seriously' Using this logic, you shouldn't take your penis seriously

Besides, climbing onto a rail is seriously retarded. It doesn't take much effort to jump on the damn thing, so if anyone needs to climb onto it first then they shouldn't be doing anything that involves the risk of certain injury

Jun 14, 2004Namlhof

What if it's extremely high and the only way to get on it is to climb? What I meant was like, you see an object you might like to grind and grind it. I've been wondering though is, if Soaping is an on-the-go thing, wouldn't that defeat the purpose of Soap videos? I mean, your searching for stuff to grind to make a video. Either way, a person should put their investment to use.

Jun 15, 2004Mart

You were given a pair of legs the day you were born. Learn to jump

Jun 16, 2004Namlhof

Well that's one of the ways of putting your investment to use :P

Jun 16, 2004Curtinator

My New sig (it always rains)
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Bryndon with a royale on some bleachers
Amy Gerein hittin a Fastslide (see, chicks can soap too)
Aaron Taraboletti hittin a Frontside
Derek Brooks hittin a Royale
Derek Brooks hittin a Mizuo